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Book linking

From most books in CST4 you can click a button in the book toolbar to jump to the corresponding commentarial book, or from commentaries back to the root text. There has been a request to document this feature. The following documentation is intended to assist future implementers of the book linking feature.


There are at least 4 different types of Tipitaka files: 1) whole books, 2) files containing multiple books, 3) books split over two or more files, 4) books that do not have continuous paragraph numbering.

1) Simplest case: mūla, aṭṭhakathā and ṭīkā are each one, whole book. Each book has continuous paragraph numbering, i.e. there is only one paragraph 1 per book. When the button is clicked, determine current paragraph, open corresponding book and jump to the same paragraph.

Files that fall into this case include Dīgha, Majjhima, Saṃyutta Nikāyas, Aṅguttara Nikāya 1 and some books of Khuddaka.

Book Mūla Aṭṭhakathā Ṭīkā
DN1 s0101m.mul s0101a.att s0101t.tik
DN2 s0102m.mul s0102a.att s0102t.tik
DN3 s0103m.mul s0103a.att s0103t.tik
MN1 s0201m.mul s0201a.att s0201t.tik
MN2 s0202m.mul s0202a.att s0202t.tik
MN3 s0203m.mul s0203a.att s0203t.tik
SN1 s0301m.mul s0301a.att s0301t.tik
SN2 s0302m.mul s0302a.att s0302t.tik
SN3 s0303m.mul s0303a.att s0303t.tik
SN4 s0304m.mul s0304a.att s0304t.tik
SN5 s0305m.mul s0305a.att s0305t.tik
AN1 s0401m.mul s0401a.att s0401t.tik
Dhammapada s0502m.mul s0502a.att  
Udāna s0503m.mul s0503a.att  
Itivuttaka s0504m.mul s0504a.att  
Sutta Nipāta s0505m.mul s0505a.att  
Vimānavatthu s0506m.mul s0506a.att  
Petavatthu s0507m.mul s0507a.att  
Therīgāthā s0509m.mul s0509a.att  
Mahāniddesa s0515m.mul s0515a.att  
Paṭisambhidāmagga s0517m.mul s0517a.att  
Nettipakaraṇa s0519m.mul s0519a.att  


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