Monthly Archive for November, 2007

Beta 11 Release Notes

Fixed a bug where the program would crash at startup if the language of Windows was not one of the supported interface languages (currently English, German or Hindi).

Fixed bug: Dialogs other than BookDisplay (Search, Dictionary, Select A Book) do not appear in the open windows list in the Windows menu after they have been closed and re-opened.

Fixed bug: Changing the Pali script from Roman to Devanagari resizes the Words ListBox in the Dictionary dialog so that it is not the same height as the Meaning box.

The words and meanings boxes now change size when the Dictionary dialog is resized. The dictionary size is saved in the configuration and restored at startup.

Implemented Ctrl-A for Select All in the search Words list box.

Added all remaining books to the book array

Added program name to splash screen bitmap

The program’s interface has been translated into Hindi

Hindi localization

A first draft of the translation of the CST4 interface into Hindi has been completed. This will be included in beta 11. See screenshot.

Beta 10 Release Notes

Fixed bug: XSLT problem: spaces deleted around <hi> tags. The fix for this is a small change in the Tipitaka XML data.

Fixed bug: The list of open books does not update if the interface language or pali script is changed.

Fixed bug: Dictionary dialog should not be resizable.

Added structural markup to all Sutta mūla and Vināya mūla XML.

Finished installer