Monthly Archive for October, 2007

Beta 9 Release Notes

Fixed a crashing bug where Config.MruList was null after deserialization from cst.dat.

Beta 8 Release Notes

Did a major overhaul of the application, creating a new project and re-creating the main form and the book display form, then copying in the other forms and classes. This was the only way that I was able to change the look of the menus and toolbars to the Office 2003-style appearance which in Windows XP inherits from the settings in Display Properties (right click on Desktop, then click Properties) under the Appearance tab.

The above change also fixed the following bug:
Status bar is too light and has no dark top edge, like in IE, to visually demarcate it from the web page

Fixed bug where the chapter lists were not generated when the indexes were generated the first time. They were only being generated when the Tipitaka XML files changed.

Found and fixed a minor search-and-replace bug where the words “Majjhima Nikāya” in the long book paths shown in the title bar had two Devanagari abbreviation symbols in it. (One after the final “ma”. The 2nd after “ni”.)

Now when you jump to a linked book (e.g. from mūla to aṭṭhakathā) it will go to the correct paragraph in cases where both books are whole, un-split books. (DN, MN, SN, Vin mul+attha)

Some more complicated linking cases have also been coded, including jumps from multi-book AN Atthakathas to the corresponding mula. Similarly, the GoTo paragraph feature works correctly in the AN Atthakathas, jumping to the paragraph anchor in the current book. This implementation is dependent on the structural markup tags which have only been added to a small number of books at this time.

Now we go to the correct paragraph in a linked book when the target paragraph number is missing or is a paragraph range. Also handling ranges and gaps in the GoTo paragraph feature.

Tibetan transliteration: added TIBETAN MARK INTERSYLLABIC TSHEG between Pali “syllables”.

Thai transliteration: fixed placement of e and o vowels.

Incorporated the Hindi dictionary into the Dictionary dialog. The language (English or Hindi) is selected by a dropdown box. The language preference is saved in the configuration file.

Localized the Dictionary dialog with placeholder strings or German, e.g. “English string(de)”. Found several other places (Search, GoTo, Book Collections, MainForm) where German was missing from the string tables and added placeholders.

Added a Dictionary button to the toolbar.

Added the ctrl-D keystroke to the main form so that the dictionary can always be invoked with this keystroke. It can also be opened by selecting a word in an open book and typing ctrl-D.

Added the currently open books to the Window menu.

Added a Recently Viewed books list under Book menu. The titles are listed in the script that the book had been viewed in and the book opens in this same script.

Loading treeview images from resource file, not bitmap files. The Images directory can be deleted.

When navigating with the keyboard in the Select a Book dialog, typing Enter opens the selected book.

Fixed bug: Not saving interface language in config file

Fixed bug: Words that are partially bold are getting broken into multiple words for search. The fix required adding additional start and end bold highlighting tags in some cases to avoid overlapping XML tags in the hit-highlighted book view.
Test cases:
1) Bold ends in middle of word: evanti (1st occurrence in Silakkhandhavagga-Aṭṭhakathā)
2) Bold starts in middle of word: Catusaccabodhāya (in Dhammasaṅgaṇī-mūlaṭīkā)
3) Bold starts and ends twice in word: nikārapakārā (in Jātaka-Aṭṭhakathā-3)

Fixed bug: Make book / hit totals localizable

Implemented Print, Print Preview and Page Setup for reports

Now saving the state of the Select Book treeview, which nodes are expanded and which are collapsed.