Beta 6 Release Notes

Modified BookIndexer class so that XML files are re-indexed if their file dates have changed. The last file dates are stored in a new data file: xml.dat.

Chapter list has been added to the book display window. In this release, the list does not change script if the script is changed after the book is opened. The feature requires modified Tipitaka XML files with structural markup (<div> tags). Only a few modified books are included in the zip: DN1 and AN2-4 Atthakatha.

Added Pali-English dictionary. This can be displayed by highlighting a word and typing Ctrl-D. The dictionary data was extracted from CSCD3 after much trial-and-error.

Added a shortcut keystroke for the Word Search: Ctrl-W. If you highlight a word and type Ctrl-W, the Search dialog will open and the selected word will be in the search terms box.

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