Beta 4 Release Notes

Some work on Book Collection Editor. (select “Create new…” under “Or Select Book Collection:”). THIS FEATURE IS NOT READY TO TEST. IT MIGHT CRASH THE PROGRAM.

Search terms can be typed in Bengali, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Kannada and Malayalam, in addition to Roman, Devanagari and Myanmar.

Added Ctrl-G keystroke to open “Go to” dialog when book is displayed

Fixed bug: Script list does not localize. Modified FormLanguageSwitch module to support the ToolStripComboBox control.

Fixed bug: Hangnum CSS shows the number below the top of following para. Each XSL/CSS now has a different margin-bottom in points to match the line height of the body text size.

There is now a “Report…” button in the bottom right corner of the Search dialog. CSCD 3 has options to print or save search results, either words or books. In CST4, there will be an option to open a search results report in HTML that can either be printed or copied to the clipboard (more useful than saving). THIS FEATURE IS NOT READY TO TEST. IT IS LIKELY TO CRASH THE PROGRAM. One option that might work now: choose the All Words report when the script is set to Roman.

Added Page Setup button and menu item

Added Print Preview button and menu item. Previously the issues list said: “Can we remove the “about:blank”, date and “Page x of y” from print?” The Print Preview has a button “Turn headers and footers on or off” that removes all of these from the print.

Disabled the web browser context menu (displayed when right clicking on text) because some menu items had bad effects: changing the encoding would make the book window blank, Refresh would make the window blank, Properties would bring up a blank properties window, etc. The only useful items in the context menu were Print, available from the Print button, Select All, which still works on the standard Ctrl-A keystroke and Print Preview, which has been added as a button and menu item in this release.

Hourglass cursor is displayed as search is executing

Added folder and book images to the Select a Book treeview.

Changed font sizes used in Select a Book treeview and other controls to make fonts more readable and consistent across scripts.

Fixed bug: Khmer font not displaying. Changed font in CSS and font used in Windows controls to “Khmer Mondulkiri U OT ls”. Note: Khmer fonts require a newer Uniscribe DLL (usp.dll) than the default one in Windows XP.

Displaying the book window title in title case

Changed the title script to Roman when book is in Cyrillic, Khmer, Myanmar, Sinhala and Tibetan. These scripts are not fully supported in XP and do not display properly in the window title. Cyrillic is supported, but the diacritics for Pali are not.

Set the “current directory” for file I/O to be the same directory as the executable so that the relative file paths for Index, Xml, Xsl directories work even if the program is started with a shortcut in which the “Start in” directory in not set to the executable directory.

Initial implementation of the “Show related text” feature. The Mula, Atthakatha and Tika buttons use the full words on the buttons rather than letters. (Do you like these?) If the book is not linked to other books, e.g. Silakkhandavagga-abhinavatika, the buttons are completely hidden. Design difference from CSCD3: you can jump directly from Mula to Tika, or Tika to Mula.

Does not scroll to the correct paragraph yet

Does not handle books that don’t have a simple one-to-one relationship with the related texts

These are pending a decision about how to handle paragraphs with the same paragraph number multiple times in a book. The HTML anchor names must be unique. Should we do this in the XML data or should I modify the anchor names when the book loads?

The splash screen shows an icon in the Windows Taskbar. This icon is now hidden when the splash screen is shown through Help | About.

The status bar calculation is now done in the event handler of a Timer control. This ensures that the status bar will update even when the CPU is maxed out loading or scrolling a Devanagari file. It also makes the status bar calculation more efficient because it does not happen more than every 1/10 of a second rather than whenever the window_scroll event fires. The timer is started by the window_scroll and window_resize events and stops after a half second of inactivity, i.e. no scrolling or resizing of the window.

Fixed the splash screen so that when it is shown in Help | About mode the “Time remaining” text is not displayed and there is no flash of black as it is fading away

Fixed bug: Roman script font is different after changing to other script then back to Roman

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