Beta 15 Release Notes

Distribution of betas 13 and 14 was limited to user interface translators.

Translations have been added for the following languages:
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)

The translations are in various stages of completion and proofreading.

The font size for Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu and Thai is too small to be easily readable. We hope to fix this in beta 16.

Languages are now sorted in the dropdown box by native language name, not Windows language code. (LCID)

Fixed bug: If the program was closed while minimized (by right clicking the Taskbar button and selecting Close), the program could only be maximized but would disappear when in “Normal” window mode, i.e. neither maximized nor minimized. This has been fixed by 1) only restoring the size and position of the window at startup if the program was closed in Normal window mode and 2) not opening the program in Minimized window mode if that was how the program was closed.

Fixed a bug that would crash the program if a non-word  character (e.g. hyphen) was entered into the dictionary as the first character.

Now if the program crashes, a log file (named log.txt) is created in the program directory. We kindly request that beta testers send the log file to the contact email address if the program crashes.

Beta 12 Release Notes

Multi-word search: you can now search for a phrase or words near each other. To search for a phrase, put double quotes around the words. If you enter multiple words without quotes, you will see a “Word distance” number below the “Search For:” box. This is the number of words before and after the first word in which the other words can occur.

Fonts are now installed by the program at startup

Fixed bug: Tipitaka editions (e.g. Thai, PTS) that don’t have page break markers in a particular book should be disabled in the GoTo dialog

Fixed bug: Opening the Dictionary with ctrl-D when a word is selected in a book, the word is not populated in the dialog.

Fixed bug: Namo tassa has dots around it in Roman script.

Fixed typo in name of AN8 mula. Aṭṭhakādinipāta -> Aṭṭhakanipāta

Fixed bug where clicking on a book window in the browser area would not bring the window in front of other windows.

Enabled ctrl-W keystroke for Word Search. If a single word is highlighted, the word will be populated in the Search For box and the search will be executed.

Tipitaka data: Removed spaces between words and punctuation when there is a page break marker, i.e. “word <pb/>,”

Book linking

From most books in CST4 you can click a button in the book toolbar to jump to the corresponding commentarial book, or from commentaries back to the root text. There has been a request to document this feature. The following documentation is intended to assist future implementers of the book linking feature.


There are at least 4 different types of Tipitaka files: 1) whole books, 2) files containing multiple books, 3) books split over two or more files, 4) books that do not have continuous paragraph numbering.

1) Simplest case: mūla, aṭṭhakathā and ṭīkā are each one, whole book. Each book has continuous paragraph numbering, i.e. there is only one paragraph 1 per book. When the button is clicked, determine current paragraph, open corresponding book and jump to the same paragraph.

Files that fall into this case include Dīgha, Majjhima, Saṃyutta Nikāyas, Aṅguttara Nikāya 1 and some books of Khuddaka.

Book Mūla Aṭṭhakathā Ṭīkā
DN1 s0101m.mul s0101a.att s0101t.tik
DN2 s0102m.mul s0102a.att s0102t.tik
DN3 s0103m.mul s0103a.att s0103t.tik
MN1 s0201m.mul s0201a.att s0201t.tik
MN2 s0202m.mul s0202a.att s0202t.tik
MN3 s0203m.mul s0203a.att s0203t.tik
SN1 s0301m.mul s0301a.att s0301t.tik
SN2 s0302m.mul s0302a.att s0302t.tik
SN3 s0303m.mul s0303a.att s0303t.tik
SN4 s0304m.mul s0304a.att s0304t.tik
SN5 s0305m.mul s0305a.att s0305t.tik
AN1 s0401m.mul s0401a.att s0401t.tik
Dhammapada s0502m.mul s0502a.att  
Udāna s0503m.mul s0503a.att  
Itivuttaka s0504m.mul s0504a.att  
Sutta Nipāta s0505m.mul s0505a.att  
Vimānavatthu s0506m.mul s0506a.att  
Petavatthu s0507m.mul s0507a.att  
Therīgāthā s0509m.mul s0509a.att  
Mahāniddesa s0515m.mul s0515a.att  
Paṭisambhidāmagga s0517m.mul s0517a.att  
Nettipakaraṇa s0519m.mul s0519a.att  


(more later…)

Beta 11 Release Notes

Fixed a bug where the program would crash at startup if the language of Windows was not one of the supported interface languages (currently English, German or Hindi).

Fixed bug: Dialogs other than BookDisplay (Search, Dictionary, Select A Book) do not appear in the open windows list in the Windows menu after they have been closed and re-opened.

Fixed bug: Changing the Pali script from Roman to Devanagari resizes the Words ListBox in the Dictionary dialog so that it is not the same height as the Meaning box.

The words and meanings boxes now change size when the Dictionary dialog is resized. The dictionary size is saved in the configuration and restored at startup.

Implemented Ctrl-A for Select All in the search Words list box.

Added all remaining books to the book array

Added program name to splash screen bitmap

The program’s interface has been translated into Hindi

Hindi localization

A first draft of the translation of the CST4 interface into Hindi has been completed. This will be included in beta 11. See screenshot.

Beta 10 Release Notes

Fixed bug: XSLT problem: spaces deleted around <hi> tags. The fix for this is a small change in the Tipitaka XML data.

Fixed bug: The list of open books does not update if the interface language or pali script is changed.

Fixed bug: Dictionary dialog should not be resizable.

Added structural markup to all Sutta mūla and Vināya mūla XML.

Finished installer

Beta 9 Release Notes

Fixed a crashing bug where Config.MruList was null after deserialization from cst.dat.

Beta 8 Release Notes

Did a major overhaul of the application, creating a new project and re-creating the main form and the book display form, then copying in the other forms and classes. This was the only way that I was able to change the look of the menus and toolbars to the Office 2003-style appearance which in Windows XP inherits from the settings in Display Properties (right click on Desktop, then click Properties) under the Appearance tab.

The above change also fixed the following bug:
Status bar is too light and has no dark top edge, like in IE, to visually demarcate it from the web page

Fixed bug where the chapter lists were not generated when the indexes were generated the first time. They were only being generated when the Tipitaka XML files changed.

Found and fixed a minor search-and-replace bug where the words “Majjhima Nikāya” in the long book paths shown in the title bar had two Devanagari abbreviation symbols in it. (One after the final “ma”. The 2nd after “ni”.)

Now when you jump to a linked book (e.g. from mūla to aṭṭhakathā) it will go to the correct paragraph in cases where both books are whole, un-split books. (DN, MN, SN, Vin mul+attha)

Some more complicated linking cases have also been coded, including jumps from multi-book AN Atthakathas to the corresponding mula. Similarly, the GoTo paragraph feature works correctly in the AN Atthakathas, jumping to the paragraph anchor in the current book. This implementation is dependent on the structural markup tags which have only been added to a small number of books at this time.

Now we go to the correct paragraph in a linked book when the target paragraph number is missing or is a paragraph range. Also handling ranges and gaps in the GoTo paragraph feature.

Tibetan transliteration: added TIBETAN MARK INTERSYLLABIC TSHEG between Pali “syllables”.

Thai transliteration: fixed placement of e and o vowels.

Incorporated the Hindi dictionary into the Dictionary dialog. The language (English or Hindi) is selected by a dropdown box. The language preference is saved in the configuration file.

Localized the Dictionary dialog with placeholder strings or German, e.g. “English string(de)”. Found several other places (Search, GoTo, Book Collections, MainForm) where German was missing from the string tables and added placeholders.

Added a Dictionary button to the toolbar.

Added the ctrl-D keystroke to the main form so that the dictionary can always be invoked with this keystroke. It can also be opened by selecting a word in an open book and typing ctrl-D.

Added the currently open books to the Window menu.

Added a Recently Viewed books list under Book menu. The titles are listed in the script that the book had been viewed in and the book opens in this same script.

Loading treeview images from resource file, not bitmap files. The Images directory can be deleted.

When navigating with the keyboard in the Select a Book dialog, typing Enter opens the selected book.

Fixed bug: Not saving interface language in config file

Fixed bug: Words that are partially bold are getting broken into multiple words for search. The fix required adding additional start and end bold highlighting tags in some cases to avoid overlapping XML tags in the hit-highlighted book view.
Test cases:
1) Bold ends in middle of word: evanti (1st occurrence in Silakkhandhavagga-Aṭṭhakathā)
2) Bold starts in middle of word: Catusaccabodhāya (in Dhammasaṅgaṇī-mūlaṭīkā)
3) Bold starts and ends twice in word: nikārapakārā (in Jātaka-Aṭṭhakathā-3)

Fixed bug: Make book / hit totals localizable

Implemented Print, Print Preview and Page Setup for reports

Now saving the state of the Select Book treeview, which nodes are expanded and which are collapsed.

Beta 7 Release Notes

Fixed bug where Open Book and Search dialogs always opened at startup.


Added hyperlinks where a definition refers to the definition of another word. When the link is clicked, you are taken to the other word and a “Back to [original word]” link is added to the 2nd word’s definition. The user’s original text and the selected word is saved so that the previous state can be restored. This is implemented as a stack so that multiple levels of back can be clicked. See “aduṃ”, which links to a word whose definition also links to another word.

Now saving state of dictionary window, whether the window is visible, the user’s text, the selected word and the window location.

Beta 6 Release Notes

Modified BookIndexer class so that XML files are re-indexed if their file dates have changed. The last file dates are stored in a new data file: xml.dat.

Chapter list has been added to the book display window. In this release, the list does not change script if the script is changed after the book is opened. The feature requires modified Tipitaka XML files with structural markup (<div> tags). Only a few modified books are included in the zip: DN1 and AN2-4 Atthakatha.

Added Pali-English dictionary. This can be displayed by highlighting a word and typing Ctrl-D. The dictionary data was extracted from CSCD3 after much trial-and-error.

Added a shortcut keystroke for the Word Search: Ctrl-W. If you highlight a word and type Ctrl-W, the Search dialog will open and the selected word will be in the search terms box.